Alight at The Park - 2018

Based at Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire, UK

Based at Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire, UK

Alight at The Park 2018

Annual Conference : -

House of Prayer for All Nations

(£50 for the weekend) cost covers refreshments

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Saturday: £30 Sunday: £20

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Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th October 2018

Worship with Sam Parker


Clive & Jane Urquhart - (Kingdom Faith)

God’s plan of salvation. For Israel, the church and you

Ian & Pauline Cole - (World Prayer Centre)

A Nation, Turning from, Turning To


Dr. Howard Morgan -

Reconciling the Church to the Jewish People:

Linking with:

A Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem - (DPPJ)

‘Alight at The Park’ events began in the Autumn of 2012. The concept of the events was first spoken of during a time of prayer at Moggerhanger Home Farm, which took place during a volunteer’s workday earlier that year.

At that time One Life Ministries partnered with the management of Moggerhanger Home Farm and it was believed that God wanted events held at Moggerhanger Park that would declare His Word regarding the descendants of Israel, otherwise known as the House of Jacob. Within this we were to consider the Jewish people, national Israel past and present and 'one new man'.

Over time, One Life Ministries increased their parnership to include 'The Centre of Contemporary Ministies'. Since then there have been additions to the teaching regarding, ‘let the oppressed go free’ and God's heart toward gentile nations.

To view some of these events, please go to :
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For remaining events in 2018 please view the events page.

Alight at The Park - Mission Statement:

To give opportunity to increase insight through Biblical teaching into God's heart towards the Jewish people, national Israel and Gentile nations with an emphasis on 'One New Man' and 'Let the oppressed go free'

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