Alight at The Park - 2019

Based at Moggerhanger Park , Bedfordshire, UK

Based at Moggerhanger Park , Bedfordshire, UK

Alight at The Park - DPPJ

A Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Sunday 6th October 2019

This year’s October Alight DPPJ event commences with registration at 10.30am on Sunday 6th and ends at 5pm.
If you have been able to book independantly into Moggerhanger House B&B for Saturday night please arrange your meals direct with House Reception.

Alight ‘background’

‘Alight at The Park’ events began in the Autumn of 2012. The concept of the events was first spoken of during a time of prayer at Moggerhanger Farm, which took place during a volunteer’s workday earlier that year.

At that time, it was believed that God wanted events held at Moggerhanger Park that would declare His Word regarding the descendants of the House of Jacob. Within this we were to consider the Jewish people, national Israel, in relation to the gentile nations. Over time there have been additions to the teaching regarding, ‘let the oppressed go free’ which has included specific insight into areas of oppression which are relevant today. To view please go to :

(N.B. Alight at The Park reserves the right to video or audio record its events . By attending these events you hereby give consent for future broadcast. If you do not consent to being recorded you must let the management team know before the event and we will make every effort to remove you from the recordings before broadcast. The management team cannot be held responsible after the event if you are included in a recording if you haven't informed us in writing of your desire to be excluded.)