Alight at The Park - 2019

Based at Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire, UK

Based at Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire, UK

‘one life ministries’ (OLM) history…

Through the years people have asked ‘one life ministries’ (OLM) what and who we are; this has been hard to define excepting to say that we ‘build’ our life style on the words of a song that was originally given as a prophecy, by a church member, when Colin Urquhart was a vicar at St Hugh’s Church, Lewsey, Luton. The overall concept of the prophecy and song are:

Hear my word my children, respond to my command, take the lives I’ve given you and lay them in my hand. I will take your separate lives and mould them into one, I will make you live on earth the glory of my Son.

Hear my word my children, you can hear my call, turn round to your brother now and give to him your all. Share with him the common life and love as I’ve loved you, I will pour my power out, the life I give is new.

Hear my word my children, you shall hear my voice, live the life that makes you one and you shall all rejoice. I will lead and guide you then as you have never known, you will know me in your midst my life shall be your own.

Hear my word my children, just obey me now, you shall know my power within, I will show you how I will make the broken whole and free you from all sin, you shall be my body here and I will dwell within.

One life, just one life, my people shall be one, one life but filled with the glory of my Son.

The people involved with living within the concept of these words, first heard in 1972, have changed through the years for many reason, not least 45 years is a long time!

Even so, there is a remnant consisting of those who became known as ‘one life ministries’ (OLM) in the 1990’s. It is likely this remnant will continue, with others, to live not only within the concept of the original prophecy as stated above, but also within the concept of the six principles Colin set down for St Hugh’s congregation as we worked alongside other churches in Luton town. OLM still lives within the original concepts as a ministerial group of people. The remaining people have adapted the concepts to be relevant to who God calls them to be. OLM’s overall phrase has become, ‘if any has need and it is within OLM’s means to meet it or to assist in meeting that need, do it’. This has led the ministerial group in whatever format it took/takes to extend its acts of service not only in Luton but throughout the UK and overseas as required. So, for us, the OLM remnant, the ‘locality’ word which was to be applied to Luton, as stated in Colin Urquhart’s book ‘When the Spirit Comes’ has become God’s word to ‘one life ministries’:

1. Commit your lives to me and be led by my Spirit.

2. You are to fellowship together sharing meals, ‘breaking bread’, in worship of me.

3. Meet together to pray, to praise and then proclaim the message I give you with acts of mercy and grace.

4. Obey what I ask of you in the locality of Luton, the neighbouring towns and villages (the ‘Decapolis’), this nation and beyond, for by doing this you will remain in me and I in you.

5. Love one another so that the presence of my Son will be made manifest wherever you set your feet.

6. You are to share my love with others, be ‘in the world’ but ‘not of the world’.

Also, additions have been made to OLM’s ‘understanding’, so that now we press forward realising the importance of God’s grace active amongst us as we live out the commission to ‘go into the world to make disciples of all nations’, and as we respond to God’s call to be messengers of His heart regarding, ‘let the oppressed go free’, ‘one new man’, and 'be not silent concerning Jerusalem until He establishes Jerusalem the praise of the earth’.

As a result of these insights OLM were led in the 90’s to come alongside such ministries as:

Prophecy Today (original distribution from Moggerhanger Park by Clifford and Monica Hill)

Operation Exodus/Ebenezer (Gustav and Elsa Scheller)

World Prayer Centre (Ian and Pauline Cole)

Reconciliation Walk (Lynn Green and subsequently Cathy Nobles ‘The journey continues’)

Christian Friends of Israel – Jerusalem, through OLM’s involvement with Olive Grove Project (Rob and Margaret Hearing).

More recently we, OLM, have partnered with Harvest Vision and The Centre of Contemporary Ministry to establish Alight at The Park events at Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire.

Alight Conference events:



Moggerhanger House Grounds: Israel Pochtar and Helen Shapiro -

Feast of Tabernacles



Moggerhanger House grounds: Israel Pochtar and Jamil Wahab –

One New Man (The coming together of Jew and Gentile in Christ Jesus)



Moggerhanger House: Matthew Jones -

House of Prayer for all nations

Home Farm Moggerhanger Park Estate: Cody Archer -

Feast of Tabernacles Celebration



Moggerhanger House:

Saturday - Colin Urquhart and Joe Pienaar Vicar of St Hugh’s Lewsey LUTON

‘40 years on’ (from ‘when the Spirit comes’)

Sunday – Geoffrey Smith and Cathy Nobles

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem



Home Farm: Greg Stevenson -

Passover meal


Moggerhanger House: Eddie Chumney –

One New Man (Understanding God’s promises to the House of Jacob)


Moggerhanger House:

Saturday - Natasha’s Project -

Let the oppressed go free

Sunday - Geoffrey Smith -

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem


May and October

Moggerhanger House: Nathan Barnard and Grant Marshall -

One New Man (from a Hebraic perspective)



Moggerhanger House: Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th October 2018 Worship with Sam Parker Saturday

Clive & Jane Urquhart - (Kingdom Faith) God’s plan of salvation. For Israel, the church and you

Ian & Pauline Cole - (World Prayer Centre) A Nation, Turning from, Turning To


Dr. Howard Morgan - Reconciling the Church to the Jewish People:

Linking with:

A Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem - (DPPJ)

SAVE THE DATE and book for this year’s Alight at The Park DPPJ day.


October: Sunday 6th

Moggerhanger House:

House of Prayer for all nations (specifically holding national Israel, the Jewish people and Jerusalem in mind).

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